Toru Furuya & Shuichi Ikeda appear in the women's golf anime "BIRDIE WING". Furuya "doesn't want to lose" in co-starring with his fateful rival.

News Wednesday, December 8, 2021 21:00
Toru Furuya & Shuichi Ikeda appear in the women’s golf anime “BIRDIE WING”. Furuya “doesn’t want to lose” in co-starring with his fateful rival.
Toru Furuya, Shuichi Ikeda, Ami Koshimizu, and Akira Sekine will appear in the original animation “BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-” based on women’s golf. The first promotional video has also been released.
This work is a genius golfer who participates in betting golf in Europe and earns a living, “Rainbow Barrett” Eve (CV: Akari Kito), and a “innocent tyrant” who purely enjoys golf in the front world with a large corporate daughter. Aoi Amawashi (Aoi Amawashi / Asami Seto) depicts how talents collide with each other and are influenced by each other and change. Toru Inoue, the Japan national team coach of the World Junior Golf Championships, will participate as a supervisor.
Furuya and Ikeda are known to have played their fateful rivals in “Mobile Suit Gundam,” but Furuya is now an advisor to the prestigious golf school Raijin Girls’ Academy Golf Club. ), Ikeda will play the role of Leo Miraforden, Eve’s golf master. Furuya said, “I resisted the role I’ve heard somewhere, but I lost the stubborn persuasion from the staff (laughs).” .. Ikeda also said, “It seems that Mr. Furuya, who is a fateful rival, has also appeared. I wonder if there is a scene where the two face each other … I’m looking forward to the future development anyway,” he said and scattered sparks.
Koshimizu is Aoi’s best friend, Shinjo Amane, an exclusive caddy who is good at meteorology and information statistics, and Sekine lives in the slum area of ​​Nafres, and Lily Lipman, who is the caddy of Eve, who is the earning head. play. The full comments from each cast are posted on the official website.
The first PV is a video of Eve and Aoi shooting shots respectively, and the characters played by the cast members announced this time will also appear.

BIRDIE WING –Golf Girls ’Story – Updated December 8, 2021
Work information Event information
BIRDIE WING –Golf Girls ’Story–
Broadcast time 2022 animation
Production company
BN Pictures
Staff information
[Planning / Original] BN Pictures [Director] Takayuki Inagaki [Series Composition] Yosuke Kuroda [Music] Kotaro Nakagawa, Hiroyoshi Anasawa [Supervision] Toru Inoue [Cooperation] Global Golf Media Group [Production] BN Pictures, BIRDIE WING Golf Club BIRDIE WING –Golf Girls’ Story–
Nafres, a country in Europe. Eve, who has a genius golf skill, spends her days earning money on gambling golf because of her life. One day, she meets the elite golfer Tenwa Aoi, the daughter of a large company. Two geniuses living in a completely different world. It was only one shot that shot through each other’s hearts. Eve of the rainbow-colored bullet “Rainbow Barrett” and “Innocent Tyrant”, Aoi who enjoys golf purely without pressure. The two are attracted to each other, influenced by each other, and change.
[Theme song] Kohmi Hirose
Eve: Akari Kito Aoi Tenwa: Asami Seto Rain Sound: Ami Koshimizu Lily Lipman: Akira Sekine Reiya Amuro: Toru Furuya Leo Miraforden: Shuichi Ikeda
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