Makoto The Real! A collaboration between "School Days" and a haunted house! Held in Akihabara from December 24th for one month only!

Makoto The Real! A collaboration between “School Days” and a haunted house! Held in Akihabara from December 24th for one month only!
December 10, 2021 19:050
Event anime collaboration
Makoto The Real! A collaboration between “School Days” and a haunted house! Held in Akihabara from December 24th for one month only!
Scaring Corps STACK / Overflow Co., Ltd. will hold “Makoto Ito” experience-based haunted house “Makoto The Real” in Akihabara from December 24, 2021.
“School Days” is a full animation game released in 2005. TV animation also attracted a great deal of attention due to the shocking content of the female relationship of the main character.
This “Makoto The Real” is developed in the delivery haunted house “Screaming Ambulance”. You can enjoy the sweet and sour youth and “the ending of fresh blood” experienced by Makoto Ito with the highest binaural voice.
The event will be held for one month from December 24, 2021 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays).
You (Makoto Ito), who got to know Katsura, drop in at a jewelry shop during a date.
A suspicious pair of rings I bought there.
Perhaps the curse of that ring, your destiny gradually begins to go crazy …
In a complicated love pattern, what is the unexpected ending of fresh blood waiting for you …
■ The same voice actors as the original participate
The ultimate 3D sound horror with characters from gorgeous voice actors!
Makoto Ito (CV Daisuke Hirakawa)
Kotonoha Katsura (CV Tae Okajima)
Sekai Saionji (CV Shiho Kawaragi)
Setsuna Kiyoura (CV Kei Imoto)
Hikari Kuroda (CV Ryoko Tanaka)
Otome Kato (CV Kotomi Iwamura)
■ With the latest binaural voice, you can become Makoto Ito! ??
The story progresses from a sincere perspective.
“World” and “words” speak to you (Makoto) with a realistic 3D sound recorded with the dummy head microphone KU100.
What is KU100:
A dummy head microphone that imitates a human head and costs more than 1 million yen. You can feel as if someone is there 360 degrees.
■ Finally, that character invades the car
In addition to sound horror, you can experience a horror experience with water splashes and vibration sheets! What’s the last surprise you’re waiting for …?
* Actual voice actors do not appear.
[Event information]
■ “Makoto The Real”
Special site:
December 24, 2021 (Friday) -January 3, 2022 (Monday)
January 20th (Sat) to 10th (Monday), 2022
January 15th (Sat) to 16th (Sun), 2022
2022 22nd (Sun) -23rd (Sun)
* Time is from 11:00 to 20:20 (last reception 20:00). Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10:00.
Akihabara station square “FUJISOFT” Akihabara building 1st floor outdoor on-site
2000 yen per person / up to 6 people per performance
* There is an infection prevention sheet in the center, which guides 3 people on each side.
[Countermeasures against new coronavirus]
・ Please cooperate in disinfection and temperature measurement before entering the venue.
・ Please wear a mask.
・ We will disinfect the equipment for each performance.
・ Thorough temperature measurement and disinfection of the cast, and thorough measures against new coronavirus infection.
[What is Scaring Corps Co., Ltd.]
A production company specializing in horror that is active with the motto “Create a haunted house and horror event in any space”. In addition to amusement parks and theme parks, vacant rooms, huge warehouses, private houses, open spaces, arcades, hotels, etc. have been transformed into horror spaces.
Even in various spaces and conditions that are normally difficult to hold, we can flexibly respond by making full use of our ideas. In addition, he has a good reputation for the immersive feeling created by high quality casts through thorough acting guidance.



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