"Looking for Magical Doremies" is a movie full of "Doremi Harukaze" -Chiemi Chiba x Tomoko Akiya x Yuki Matsuoka [Cast Interview]

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“Looking for Magical Doremies” is a movie full of “Doremi Harukaze” -Chiemi Chiba x Tomoko Akiya x Yuki Matsuoka [Cast Interview]
Interviews with Doremi Harukaze, Chiemi Chiba, Hazuki Fujiwara, Tomoko Akiya, and Aiko Seno, Yuki Matsuoka from the movie “Looking for Magical Doremies” released on November 13. He talked about his impressions of the movie and his memories of the TV series in a friendly atmosphere like Doremi.
Interview 2020.11.13 Fri 19:00
The movie “Looking for Magical Doremies” released on November 13th.
This work, which was produced on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of “Oja Witch Doremi”, has been released before its release, with key visuals reunited by Oja Witches and the use of the first season theme song “Oja Witch Carnival !!”. It pleased the fans.

The cast members are also excited about “Doremi” after a long absence.
When we talk to Doremi Harukaze, Chiemi Chiba, Hazuki Fujiwara, Tomoko Akiya, and Aiko Senoo, Yuki Matsuoka, she talks about her impressions of the movie and memories of the TV series in a friendly atmosphere like Doremi Harukaze. Gave me.
Furthermore, in the newly recorded “Ojamajo Carnival !!” for the movie, there was a point that I noticed for the first time after 20 years …?
[Interview / text = Hashibiroco, shooting = Sota Ohara]
“Looking for a witch apprentice” (C) Toei / Toei Animation
“Ojamajo Carnival !!” The truth of the 20th year
-This work is the first video work in a long time for the “Oja Witch Doremi” series. Please tell us your impressions when it was decided to make a movie.
Matsuoka: I thought that the movie was one of the best in the media mix, so I was surprised to hear that suddenly I was told “Welcome back!” From the top.
“Oja Witch Doremi” was a drama CD and a novel, and the work itself continued, but I never thought it would be a movie.
Yuki Matsuoka
Akiya: I was very surprised when I heard that this work was a theater work. I am also very happy to be able to deliver the work to you on a large screen.
Chiba: In my case, it was quickly accepted as “I’m going to make it into a movie!”
Besides, Doremi wasn’t the main character in successive “Doremi” movies, so I thought I should stay calm until I read the script. If you expect too much, it will disappear in front of you like a magical steak (laughs). She was the most unfortunate girl in the world, so it’s unavoidable to think like this.
――How was it when you saw the completed video? I heard that Mr. Matsuoka cried at the preview …
Matsuoka: I cried so much that tears accumulated in the mask. When I saw the video, the memories of visiting various places at the “Doremi” event and the faces of the children I met came back to life.
I usually leave tears alone even if they flow, but this work had too much tears (laughs), so I took out a towel and wiped the tears.
Chiba: How to use music is also sloppy. There was a scene where I thought, “If I play that song here, I’m supposed to cry!”
“Looking for a witch apprentice” (C) Toei / Toei Animation
――Speaking of music, “Ojamajo Carnival !!” was used in the preview video and became a hot topic. Was the song newly recorded?
Akiya: This is a new record. However, there is a part that is different from the previous “Oja Witch Carnival !!” … In fact, it was discovered that the melody we were singing at that time was wrong in some places (laughs).
Chiba: It seems that they were arranging it on their own (laughs). For 20 years, I’ve been telling you a different melody …
The new sound source contained sounds that I didn’t know, so I thought, “If you use this as a model, you won’t be able to sing!”
Matsuoka: At the time of recording, when I asked the director, “Why is the sound different?”, He said, “The sound source I gave this time is the sound as it is written.” So this time I’m recording with accurate sound.
Akiya: Still, if you’re not careful, you’ll return to the arrangement you’ve been singing for 20 years (laughs). It was completed after all the hard work and repeated retakes.
Chiba: This is the official version, so please look for the difference!
From the left, Chiemi Chiba and Tomoko Akiya
Chiemi Chiba, Tomoko Akiya
–Are there any impressions from the recording of “Oja Witch Carnival !!” 20 years ago?
Akiya: The first time I met the cast was the recording of “Oja Witch Carnival !!”, so I still remember the excitement of “Who will come?” I was particularly worried because I didn’t know the result of the audition for the role of Doremi.
Matsuoka: Aikoto Hazuki also participated in the final audition for the role of Doremi as a partner. At that time, another candidate for Doremi was Sawa (Ishige), who played the role of Pop.
Sawa-chan is a very solid child, but he was so nervous at the audition that he looked strange (laughs).
Chiba: Sawa-chan was a precious figure at the time of the audition (laughs). Now it’s the most solid of all of us in the cast.
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Magic spells and unforgettable words
――I would like to hear the story of the TV series. How was the atmosphere at the dubbing site at that time?
Matsuoka: There were many people other than voice actors, so they took the time to record it carefully. We weren’t used to dubbing anime, and it may have been a strange place where people from various genres gathered.
Chiba: There was also an actor who stood in front of the microphone without a script. I memorized all the lines in advance. He found it difficult to match with lip-sync, so he devised a way to talk while looking at the screen.
Akiya: I was surprised when I first saw it, but it was cool. I also learned how to approach an actor.
“Looking for a witch apprentice” (C) Toei / Toei Animation
–Did you have any consciousness about making roles?
Akiya: I had the same tempo as Hazuki, so I played it naturally without being conscious of making roles. “I’ll talk like this,” I’m screaming from within myself. She had a sense of intimacy where the characters sometimes broke (laughs). It was very easy to play because it was a site where the actors were free to leave it to me.
Matsuoka: When she saw the picture of the role, she sometimes heard a voice like Ston, and Ai-chan was exactly that pattern.
I often thought while looking at Ai-chan’s picture before the audition, not to be too boyish, cheerful, and not too much to be a Kansai person, but suddenly I got something that I thought “this is it!” I’ve been. Since the axis was settled without hesitation, I play so as not to shake from there.
Chiba: Doremi was a very straightforward character, so it was easy to play. Instead of thinking about something and then acting, everything is straight and innocent. She thought it was a character of her own, so she played without thinking about difficult things.
Chiemi Chiba
――Speaking of “Doremi”, the spell is also impressive. What kind of direction did you have in dubbing?
Chiba: I didn’t have any particular direction, so the intonation of the spell is my original.
Akiya: We also learned how to say spells from Chiba-chan, who first made the mold.
Chiba: In the original script, there was no long sound like “Pirika Pirirara”.
I was told “I’ll try to record some patterns for the time being”, but I was worried about how to add variations. When this happened, the one I tried was adopted, as I had no choice but to stretch it one note at a time.
Akiya: I was impressed that I often came up with that technique. The director said, “Please feel free to do it,” and I was confused and relaxed.
Matsuoka: In the first episode, we visited the dubbing and appeared as Gaya, but the appearance as Ai-chan was from the third episode. Ai-chan was suddenly decided to be the main turn on duty based on the number of episodes, so I was quite nervous at the time of the first episode tour, but at the beginning of the series, Director Sato said, “If it doesn’t work, take it again and again. I’m really grateful for saying “I should do it”.
Why I like all of “Doremi”
――What was the most memorable episode in the TV series?
Akiya: “Oja Witch Doremi Dokka-n! It is the 49th episode “Friends all the time”.
Hazuki has been portrayed as a child who cares too much about her so much that she can’t even convey her feelings to her mom. That’s why I feel the growth of her 49th episode, which tells her best friend her true intentions in her own words.
I was happy to be able to deliver the appearance of Hazuki at the end of the series.
But on the day of dubbing, I was really tired from the morning. Her heart was sick, so she was determined to say, “I have to tell Doremi-chan today.” She is still an unforgettable and memorable time for her feelings at the time.
Tomoko Akiya
Chiba: I …
Matsuoka: Chiba-chan probably says “all!”, So I’ll talk first (laughs).
Chiba: I wonder … (laughs). After you!
Matsuoka: As far as the TV series is concerned, the 34th episode of “Oja Witch Doremi” “I want to meet my mom!” Was impressive. Most of my turn is the “Mom Series”, but the first episode, Episode 34, was particularly shocking.
When we all went to Osaka, we saw a mother holding her baby and misunderstood that she was building a new family. I still can’t forget such deep content and shock.
I myself read the script, so I knew it was a misunderstanding, but I thought that Aiko would have been quite shocked, so I went to dubbing.
It was encouraging to see Doremi next to me.
Chiba: I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Chiba is “I like everything” (laughs). But there are compelling reasons for the whole story.
The “Oja Witch Doremi” series is a work that features everyone, with each classmate having a name and the background such as family circumstances being drawn properly.
Doremi plays a role in connecting all such characters, so you can’t choose a specific episode. I feel like if I choose one, the other classmates will disappear. So every story is important and impressive!
Matsuoka: That said, “Docker! 』\ At the last graduation ceremony (Episode 51” Thank you! Until the day we meet again “), making a barricade and standing up (laughs).
Chiba: I think it led to that last because everyone is important (laughs).



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