The work that had been given up suddenly started to be distributed.

The work that had been given up suddenly started to be distributed. The difficulty of putting out Chinese characters in this era is also conspicuous, the new animation situation in October in China [Anime situation of Chinese otaku]
December 05, 2021 11:000
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My name is Hyakugen Kago and I’m introducing this and that about the Chinese otaku situation.
This time, I would like to introduce the trends of Japanese new animations distributed on Chinese video sites in October, and the handling of Chinese characters in Japanese works, which has become difficult in China in recent years.
New Japanese animation distribution with some works that started distribution more than a month later or one season later
In China, regulations on entertainment content in general and the pressure associated with it are still strong, and the situation of Japanese animation remains unstable. Especially with regard to new animations, there are a number of works whose distribution availability and start time are not clear, and it seems that confusion continues with the new animations in October.
However, in such a situation, it seems that there are movements such as sudden delivery of works that many people have given up on delivery to China, and delivery notices.
Among such works, the one that is especially popular is the “Kimetsu no Yaiba” infinite train edition, which suddenly started to be distributed on bilibili in mid-November, and it was surprising locally and will continue to be distributed in the future. He is welcomed with anxiety about whether it is possible.
Other than that, the new anime “Love Live! Superstar !!” in July, which was expected by Chinese fans because the main character is an idol from China, but was not distributed in mainland China, was released. , It seems that he came here and delivered several episodes at a time on bilibili. In addition, it is said that Tencent has announced the delivery of works that were expected in the Chinese otaku neighborhood but were not delivered, such as “Mr. Komi has communism.”
Regarding the new animation in October, the impression of the first look does not suit the general taste of Chinese animation viewers in the previous environment, such as “Ranking of Kings” which has been doing well since the beginning of the season in China. For some reason, works that seem to have been buried are attracting attention, and it seems that the influence of regulations is also appearing in unexpected ways.
However, due to the unstable delivery schedule, etc.
“The topics are dispersed and the topics related to the new animation do not get excited.”
“Since the topic does not get excited, it is difficult to increase the number of viewers.”
It seems that there is a problem, and there is a view that it is a big minus as a whole.
However, there is no doubt that it will be exciting if the long-awaited popular works in China come out, such as “Kimetsu no Yaiba” gaining popularity at once with the start of distribution.
From Chinese nerds about the current situation
“For popular works, I still want to make a noise with everyone in the barrage comments on the video site.”
“I don’t like the situation where people watching regular distribution lose money.”
There are many people who are waiting for the expected work to be officially distributed.



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