[Ryota Fujitsu's "Conditions for the New Protagonist"] The 26th "Hula Hula Dance" Natsu Nagi Hiwa

Special Feature / Column Saturday, December 4, 2021 19:00
[Ryota Fujitsu’s “Conditions for the New Protagonist”] The 26th “Hula Hula Dance” Natsu Nagi Hiwa
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“Hula Fulla Dance” is a work based on the dancing team (so-called “Hula Girl”) of Spa Resort Hawaiians in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. The main character is a rookie hula girl, Natsunagi Hiwa. She chose her Hula Girl path to follow her sister, who died in the Great East Japan Earthquake. The movie depicts the struggle of a newcomer between her and her four unique members who are in sync with her.
In the movie, there is a scene where Hiwa, who has just obtained her license, goes out for a drive with her synchs. It’s a “holiday scene” that is nothing for them. When she saw this scene, she had a strong recollection of her memory when she was a first-year member of society.
In the first year of joining the company (only men), I also went out for a drive with him at the same time. It was a time when I was still trying to become a full-fledged professional while the “egg shell” of a student mood was still stuck. What I can see now is that the empathy and solidarity between my student friends and the company’s synchronization is also different, and how many of my colleagues were able to spend the time groping together. Was it thankful? In the drive scene, there is no big incident, but it is slowly understood that this drive will remain in the hearts of Hiwa and others as “synchronization and important time”. rice field.
In the same period of 5 people, Hiwa is depicted as the most ordinary child. She is neither a hero who leads everyone as a hero, nor a dramatic type who acts while suffering from strong conflicts. Hiwa is a very simple character who obediently embodies the worries and confusions that everyone has.
The important part of this work is that Hiwa is such a sober hero, the center of gravity of the work is lowered sharply, and the work has feet on the ground.
Of course, there are some parts of this work that are exaggerated and brilliant like anime. But that is the part of the branches and leaves for the work. The basis of this work is to depict the natural change in which a young man with an “egg shell” still stuck to him becomes a member of society through his work. If you draw too much of the newcomers hitting the walls in an anime-like exaggeration, the story emerges from the real place of Spa Resort Hawaiians. By drawing Hiwa as a character with feet on the ground, “I run into failures and worries that everyone can sympathize with,” universality is born because it is based on reality.
This world is revolving with working people. In the film, there are scenes that show that Hula Girls are not the only ones working at Spa Resort Hawaiians. Furthermore, for Hiwa’s parents, the scene of working every day in a small beauty salon is depicted as a scene. It’s a mediocre and natural landscape, but it’s a very important landscape that you shouldn’t forget.
By working hard as a hula girl, Hiwa will become a part of the ordinary world of such workers. In order to bring out that universal theme, Hiwa had to be a “modest hero.”



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