[Steam Game Review] Perfect for the New Year!

[Steam Game Review] Perfect for the New Year! “Sugoroku” type party game “Pummel Party” that can be played on a PC
December 04, 2021 15:000
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[Steam Game Review] Perfect for the New Year! “Sugoroku” type party game “Pummel Party” that can be played on a PC
In this series, Mina Tsujimura, who is the core gamer of “Steam”, reviews the recommended games that can be played on “Steam”, which is now booming as a PC game platform. I will introduce the fun.
At the end of the year, you’ll want to play a sugoroku-style party game! There are various types of party games such as Mario Party, Momotaro Dentetsu, and New Year’s life games. However, since all games have severe rights issues and are only released on console machines and smartphone apps, there are few games that can be played on PCs. So, this time, I will introduce “Pummel Party”, a sugoroku-style party game that you can play with your friends on your PC.
A variety of mini games are interesting
“Pummel Party” is a sugoroku-style party game that can be played by 1 to 8 people. If you play alone or with a small number of people, you can add AI members to play. There are three levels of difficulty for AI: easy, normal, and hard. There are two types of game modes, board game mode and mini game mode. The rule of board game mode is to collect trophies while playing a mini game or to end after a certain number of turns. The number of turns can be selected from 10 turns to unlimited.
In mini-game mode, you can play 10 to 30 games in quick succession without playing sugoroku. The rules are simple, the player who wins more wins.
There are various mini-games such as racing games that compete for speed, games that compete for memory, games that compete completely with luck, and games that push bombs like you are familiar with in a certain party game. Unlike e-sports games, you can enjoy it even if there is a difference in the skill of the game.
By the way, I like the game “Remember the menu” where you can remember multiple ingredients that are displayed for a moment and put them in a pot. It’s like a scavenger hunt at an athletic meet, and it’s a game that you can win without reflexes. It was
I tried playing the board game mode with normal AI difficulty!
I would like to play with it at once. First, I set the difficulty level to normal. There are 7 types of maps. This time, I chose the perfect winter map “Winter Glow” at the end of the year and tried it for 10 turns. The rule is to collect 4 trophies or finish after 10 turns.
When the game starts, the turn comes in order from the person who rolls the dice and gives the largest number. From the second turn, it will be in the order of the better score in the game.
The location of this treasure chest is here! If you stop at this square, you can exchange the trophies that are in the victory condition in exchange for 40 keys.
By the way, there is only one treasure chest on the map, and the location will change each time someone exchanges it. It’s common … or rather, it’s a familiar rule.
I still can’t get the 1st place in the essential mini-game … It’s just a game that requires reflexes that I’m not good at. I don’t feel like I can win when I see the agile movement of the BOT.
3rd turn. I managed to get the first trophy! The mini game is not in good condition, but only the dice roll seems to be lucky. In the early stages, it’s a win because it’s advanced anyway.
And the next trophy I’m curious about is on the left side of the map, a little further away.
5th turn. As I was heading for the second trophy, BOT Sam was approaching the square just behind me.
If you are attacked and your HP becomes 0, you will be forcibly returned to the starting point. Moreover, the remaining HP of the author is only 15. Depending on the item, it will be reduced to 0 with a single blow, so it’s inspired by a close call! It was
I tried to attack because it was the first win. When you throw a Nasubi bomb … BOT Sam rushes to the bottom left of the screen. I managed to survive with only 1 HP left. Shi, reluctantly!
6th turn. Fortunately, BOT Sam seems to have stopped at a nearby square this time as well. He was able to stab him with a rifle and deliver it safely to the starting point.
10th turn. I was able to get the second trophy at the last minute. I think I can win with this!
When the 10th turn is over, the ending screen will appear.
Here, the person who attacked the most, the person who collected the most keys, and the person who won the mini-game the most are commended, and the winner is decided at the end. This system is also a sugoroku-style game, isn’t it? I was so happy that I took a lot of screenshots.
I tried to challenge the AI difficulty level hard
I was able to win the normal, so I will try hard. The number of people is 4 as before. This time, I tried to make a map “Pirate’s Paradise” with a pirate motif.
This treasure chest is here! Roughly on the left side of the map.
On the first turn, I stopped at Skullomas. Set a trap that can be damaged if another player stays here.
The mini-game was my favorite “word war” (a game in which words are displayed above my head and I enter spelling with the buttons at my feet)! Furthermore, the prize is a “replacement portal” (where you can exchange places with other players). I got the strongest item from the first turn.
3rd turn. As Bot Daniel approaches the treasure chest, I will use the replacement portal I got earlier to change the location. On the other hand, I can’t roll the dice on the turn using the pole, so I will aim for the trophy on the next turn.
4th turn. Since Bot Sam was just near the square, I tried using a rocket item that can go near the treasure chest while defeating other players. It is the first trophy GET safely by pushing the item.
And the next treasure chest is on the right side of the map. If you go from here, it’s the exact opposite, so continuous GET may be difficult …
6th turn. As expected, it’s not close to the treasure chest at all. At this rate, it wouldn’t be strange to be reversed at any time … So, I will try to use the power of the item again.
The effect of this item is that something happens randomly when you open it.
Apparently there are 3 patterns, the first is a loss and one turn off. The second is that you can choose the mini game to play next from 3 choices. And the third is a warp in front of the goal.
Jane! !! !! It was a warp before the goal of the hit pattern. This is the second trophy GET! It was
When I thought, the key was … not enough … I completely forgot that I couldn’t exchange it without 40 keys.
No, unfortunately next week. Regain your mind and move on.
Next to the treasure chest was an armory square where you can get powerful items that can only be obtained in this square. I missed the trophy, but I’m glad I got an item that looks like something to do.
7th turn. Finally, BOT got the trophy.
9th turn. Recalling the existence of the item “Arcade Challenge (If you challenge another player, the winner can get a trophy)” that you got earlier, try using it with no use.
The opponent was somehow chosen Bot Jack!
Choose a challenger and a retro table tennis-style mini-game will begin.
Result is…….
I was able to win safely! Wow wow.
To tell the truth, I couldn’t make an article without winning, so I tried my best.
> The final award result is Bot Sam for the attack award and the key collection award. The mini game award is the author. It seems that I was able to win at the last minute thanks to the trophy I got last.
By the way, I also tried the difficulty level hard in the mode of 8 people, but it was a hellish picture because it was messed up for a long time by the insanely strong AI. If you love party games, or if you want to withdraw while playing games during the New Year, why not give it a try?
Title information
“Pummel Party” (Rebuilt Games)
Released September 21, 2018
Price: 1,500 yen (as of October 26, 2021)
Author: Stimuma ni (Mina Tsujimura)
A writer and gamer who belongs to Office Mica. Her favorite game genres include sandbox survival games and horror games. Her play style is a text chat apt group who is frightened by VCs due to a communicative disorder.
Office Mica: https://www.office-mica.com/
Blog: https://steammania.tokyo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/steammaniaS2?lang=ja



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