[Distribution start] New "Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE" review!

[Distribution start] New “Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE” review! Many battles unfolded in the Universal Century are revived!
December 03, 2021 12:000
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From November 30, 2021, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has started distribution of the smartphone app “Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE”. This work is a simulation game that brings together successive “Universal Century Gundam” works. You can enjoy Gundam of various generations with one title, including “Mobile Suit Gundam”. In this article, I will deliver a review of this work.
“Story mode” to follow the story of successive “Gundam” works
The “story mode” that can be selected in the quest is one of the highlights of this work. Players can follow the stories of past Gundam works while fighting battles. In the story, you can enjoy the world of “Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin”, which is the origin of the series in which Amuro Ray is the main character, and “Mobile Suit Gundam” reconstructed by character designer Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. “UC 0078-0082”, “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory” and “UC 0083-0089” centered on “Mobile Suit Z Gundam”, and so on, in the “Universal Century” (“UC”), which is the calendar of the Gundam world. (Represented) are summarized by time series.
Also, at this point, “Mobile Suit V Gundam,” which depicts the most future of the Universal Century, and “Mobile Suit Moon Gundam,” which was the first animation of this work, were rarely mentioned in Gundam games. Alternatively, the works that first appear in the game are also in the lineup.
The main character of this work is the female pilot Peche Montagne. She is a newtype candidate Zeon soldier trained by the Flanagan Institute. She runs through the era of the Universal Century … that is the main axis of this work. In addition, the existence of the new Gundam “Engage Zero” has already been announced. I would like you to actually play and see how the new hero and the new Gundam will play an active role in this work.
In each story, the story and world view of the work are explained in addition to the animation video and subtitled commentary at that time, so you can easily grasp the outline of each Gundam work. Beginners of “Gundam” will be able to start the series, and fans will be able to look back on those days.
Also, in the event scene, new animation images of each Gundam work produced for the game are also prepared. It is completely ant to capture the game for this purpose.
However, whether the animation video consumes capacity, every time I select a quest, I will download the data. Therefore, the tempo is a little bad, but this can be avoided by doing “batch download”, so if you have enough free space on your smartphone, you should download the data in advance. The required capacity is about 2GB.
The details will be described later, but although the battle of this work has tactical elements in the simulation system, the battle itself is all advanced automatically. Those who just want to enjoy the story will be able to enjoy it with confidence.
Battle where the attributes and placement of mobile suits are important
In the battle of this work, the familiar humanoid weapon “Mobile Suit” (hereinafter referred to as “MS”) in the “Gundam” series will be placed to fight the enemy. MS has attributes such as “red”, “blue”, and “green”, and if you attack with an attribute that is advantageous to your opponent, the damage done will increase, and if it is disadvantageous, it will decrease. The key to victory is to organize and arrange a team that is advantageous to you, considering which attributes the enemy MS unit is composed of. Most of the small movements such as attack and avoidance are automatically performed by each MS, so the player only needs to prepare.
On the battle preparation screen, the MSs organized in your team are placed on a map divided into squares. The placed MS is indicated by an arrow as to which enemy is aimed first. There are various ways of fighting, such as selecting an enemy with an advantageous compatibility by attribute, adjusting one MS to concentrate attack with multiple allies, and so on.
During the battle, how much damage is done to the enemy by which ally is displayed on the screen as “DPS (amount of damage done per second)”. It is also interesting to adjust the attributes and arrangement of MS little by little based on DPS because you can always check whether the main MS is functioning well. The early quests can be managed by ignoring the DPS, but as the difficulty increases, tactics become more important.
Combat is represented in 3D. By switching cameras, you can focus on a specific MS or even indulge in the entire battlefield.
Most of the battle is left to AI, but the player decides only whether to use the “EX skill” of MS. The EX skill is like a special move, and can be activated when the gauge of the target MS is full. In addition to attacking enemies, it has various effects such as recovery and strengthening of allies, and the timing of use affects the outcome of the battle.
Increase your strength by combining aircraft and pilots
In this work, you can put the pilot on your favorite MS, and the combination of both is important. Popular pilots of “Universal Century Gundam” works such as Amuro Ray and Char Aznable are lined up, and some of them have the skills to demonstrate when boarding MS of a specific attribute. In order to maximize the power of MS, it is also important to understand the performance of the pilot.
It also features strengthening elements such as “modification” that collects remodeling equipment in story quests and unlocks new skills of MS, and “ability release” that increases the HP and attack power of MS itself based on the blueprint. When combined with the battle system of this work, where the skill of the player is important, such as the formation and placement of MS, it can be said that there is room to play an active part even in MS with low rarity.
However, if you don’t get the MS you already got, you can’t basically get the blueprint. Another way to get it, the Fragment Quest, will be released when the player rank reaches 30, so until then, “modification” will be the main rather than “ability release”.
Once you have cleared the quest, you can skip the battle by using the ticket. Convenient for laps when earning materials
This work has elements that both new and fans can enjoy, such as a careful story mode with original images and explanations, and a simulation-type battle system that is not all about rarity. Stay tuned for future announcements and updates.
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